France is a hit in the UEFA index!


By: Manu Tournoux

Up against the wall at the start of the season, the six French clubs qualified for the European Cup had no room for error. It must be said that the Netherlands started with a considerable lead in obtaining fifth place in the UEFA index over five years. The same one which allows you to obtain 4 tickets for the Champions League (3 direct + one in the preliminary round).

At the end of the first phase, the results are more than satisfactory despite a few hiccups which could have cost France dearly (premature elimination of OM in the play-off, chaotic run of PSG in their group with only two victories on the clock, etc. ). As a result, there will be 6 clubs competing in February. Quite the opposite of the Netherlands, who only have three qualifiers left (PSV in C1, Feyenoord in C3 and Ajax in C4).

The Netherlands relegated far behind France!

Thus between the last points gleaned during the sixth and final day of the group stage (2 points for a victory and one point for a draw) and the bonus points linked to qualifications (5 points for PSG thanks to its qualification in 1/8th of the LoC and 2 points each for LOSC, OM, TFC and Stade Rennais for their qualification to the next round), France now has 62.16 points in the index ranking over 5 years against only 59.90 for the Netherlands, a thick cushion of 2.264 points.

If the French clubs can congratulate themselves and appreciate the moment, the next deadlines promise to be epic as PSG, OM, Rennes and TFC have complicated their task by finishing in second place in their group. Which promises them XXL posters and much lower chances of qualifying than if they had finished first. But the French dynamic is positive for the moment and the draw for the 3 European Cups, scheduled for Monday, should allow us to know more about this end of the fight between France and the Netherlands. The battle promises to be tough and the Dutch will not give up…

Ranking of nations according to the UEFA coefficient for the 2023/24 season (in parentheses, the number of clubs remaining in competition and the number of clubs qualified this season for European competitions) as of 12/15/2023:

-1. Italy 14,000 (7/7)

-2. Germany 13,642 (6/7)

-3. England 13,625 points (6/8)

-4. Spain 12,867 points (6/8)

-5. Rep. Czech 12,000 points (3/4)

-6. Belgium 11,600 points (3/5)

-7. France 11,583 points (6/6)

-8. Türkiye 10,500 points (2/4)

-9. Netherlands 8,600 points (3/5)

-10. Denmark 8,500 points (1/5)

Ranking of nations by UEFA coefficient over the last five seasons (between 2019 and 2024):

-1. England 100,553 points

-2. Spain 86.114 points

-3. Italy 83,284 points

-4. Germany 80,909 points

-5. France 62,164 points

-6. Netherlands 59,900 points

-7.Portugal 53,149 points

-8. Belgium 46,000 points

-9. Türkiye 37,100 points

-10. Scotland 35,850 points

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