Barça: de Jong accused of being an imaginary patient


By: Manu Tournoux

Things continue to get ugly at FC Barcelona, ​​as the fallout from the defeat against Royal Antwerp paints an increasingly worrying picture of Xavi Hernandez’s future as manager.

After another poor performance which led to a fourth defeat in nine matches, Xavi is under great pressure, which has only been exacerbated by his disagreement with Deco, the sporting director, over the announcement of the team list. ‘team.

A false fever for De Jong?

He’s not the only one to have seen Deco pull his weight this week. While Frenkie de Jong remained at Barcelona due to a fever, the Brazilian does not seem to believe the midfielder that this is indeed the case, as journalist Marius Carol told RAC1.

A person very close to me tells me that when the players fly to Antwerp, Deco calls De Jong. And he gets angry with him. De Jong tells him: ‘I’m sick.’ Deco replies: “What do you mean, you’re sick, the doctor certified it? “. Frenkie replies that he has a fever. There is an argument. Deco doesn’t believe De Jong is ill and thinks it’s an excuse“.

Given the precarious situation Barcelona find themselves in, with little margin for error in La Liga, it is likely that Deco will accuse de Jong of lying. This could also have long-term effects for FC Barcelona. After the departure of director of football Mateu Alemany, the idea was for Deco to improve relations between the club and de Jong, with a view to renewing his contract, but that seems more difficult now…

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