A PSG player cropped by Enrique after a club outing


By: Manu Tournoux

An important element of the PSG squad had its ears pulled by Luis Enrique following a night out.

Luis Enrique, the PSG coach, does not compromise with discipline. Whether the results are there or not, the Spanish coach ensures that his entire group respects the codes put in place. And if there is one who gets out of line, he is quickly reframed. This is what happened recently according to a revelation made by L’Equipe.

A PSG player had his straps pulled up

The media has in fact reported that the Spanish coach spoke to one of his starters, who likes the Parisian night. While trying not to offend him too much, he made him understand that he did not really accept that one of his protégés wasted the efforts made at the Poissy center because of a questionable lifestyle. . The name of this Parisian boss has not been leaked, but we can imagine that it is Achraf Hakimi.

If he saw fit to call his player to order, Luis Enrique also insisted on the fact that he is not totally opposed to decompression. Far from it. He felt it was necessary. Especially at the highest level, due to the tension that can arise with the constant demand for results. However, he ensures that certain rules are respected.

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Luis Enrique has the support of all his players at PSG.

Luis Enrique made his rules

Among the requests he made was that his members be responsible enough to remain efficient and physically fit. If their physical data is affected, it is at their own risk. In addition, if someone in their squad goes out (travel, birthday or alcoholic meal) the day before a match then they must agree not to play the next day. Priority must be given to a player in better athletic condition, even if he is less talented.

For the moment, these rules have not given rise to any internal dispute. Even if the first part of the season for PSG was not flamboyant, Luis Enrique has the support of his entire group. His work philosophy and ideas gained the support he wanted. A privilege that very few of his predecessors had.

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