Textor, Sage… Tagliafico spares no one


By: Manu Tournoux

Now under the orders of Pierre Sage, OL are currently led by their third coach of the season, after Laurent Blanc and Fabio Grosso.

In the eyes of Nicolas Tagliafico, this instability necessarily harms the Lyon club. “ This is the first time I’ve known so many coaches in such a short time.breathes the Argentinian defender this Wednesday at a press conference. This is not a good thing for the team. »

It’s a vicious circle, the team performs poorly and we change coachescontinues the world champion. It gets better, then we relapse and we change trainers. We have to change things. The coach who arrived comes to help and to give everything but in the end it is also up to us to give everything and be all together. It’s up to us to respond. »

Frank and direct, Nicolas Tagliafico also does not spare the management of Les Gones, played by John Textor. “ When there are bad decisions made, it creates bad results. There are slightly weaker personalities in the team and all this combined generates the situation we are experiencing at the moment. » And to conclude on Pierre Sage, always so honest: “ We work with Pierre Sage as with the other coaches, on the tactical side it is perhaps simpler for some because it is more basic… »

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