Sergio Ramos, his wife reveals her truths


By: Manu Tournoux

While the Spanish press has been ensuring for several weeks that her relationship with Sergio Ramos is on the verge of breaking up, Pilar Rubio has made things clear.

This is the first time in weeks that Pilar Rubio has spoken. At the center of numerous speculations on the state of her relationship with Sergio Ramos, the one who is a figure of the small screen in Spain broke the silence Monday evening, during a public appearance, as part of the Christmas dinner organized by the television channel Atresmedia. For the wife of the Spanish international defender, the rumors of a breakup are simply false.

Everything is fine“, she first asserted, in comments reported by A.S.. For the one who has shared Sergio Ramos’ life for more than eleven years, everything would just be gossip from the media. “ Everything is going great between us and I’m sorry that you are here asking me such a question. Everything is fine. We can’t spend our time denying stupid things all day long. » A clarification which had the merit of being clear, but which might not completely satisfy the Iberian media.

Madrid and that’s it?

The latter have recently been surprised by the absence of the mother of the family at various meetings. Just two weeks ago, the media Informalia cited supposed sources “ close to the couple » who asserted that “ It’s only a matter of days before (the breakup) is confirmed“.

According to LOCanother media, Pilar Rubio would not be satisfied with her new life in Seville, since Sergio Ramos returned to play this summer for Sevilla FC: “ She comes and goes between Madrid and Seville. He doesn’t like living there, on their farm. The only thing he likes is being in the capital, near his parents. This is not from today but has always been. She didn’t want to be in Paris, Seville, the United States or Saudi Arabia. She only wants Madrid.

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