Real sets a new “deadline” for Mbappé


By: Manu Tournoux

Real Madrid have informed Kylian Mbappé’s representatives that there is a date beyond which they would no longer be willing to wait for him.

Real Madrid are starting to lose patience with Kylian Mbappé. He is interested in the idea of ​​recruiting him next summer, but he does not plan to wait forever for a sign from him. The Castilian club has just demanded that the French star quickly inform them of his wishes and his short-term plans.

Real press Mbappé again

The French striker is at the end of his contract next June and remains in the crosshairs of Real Madrid. Twice in the past, the Merengue club was defeated by the crack Bondynois. But he still comes back and is ready to try his luck again. For this scenario to come to fruition, however, the first step would just have to come from the French international.

Eduardo Inda, editor-in-chief of OK Diario, said on El Chiringuito: “Real Madrid have made it known to Mbappé’s entourage that they want a response from him. They want to be fixed one way or another, by January 4 at the latest. Let’s hope Madrid doesn’t get coal this time.”

If Mbappé arrives in Madrid, there will be no transfer fee to pay in accordance with the Bosman ruling. However, the Merengue will have to finance his salary, which is €70 million per year in Paris. An amount that is far from insignificant. “The contract will not jeopardize the future of Real Madrid,” nevertheless reassures Inda.

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