Nicolas Sarkozy’s provocative outing on Kylian Mbappé


By: Manu Tournoux

We are drastically approaching the month of January, the date on which Kylian Mbappé will officially be able to commit to a club for the 2024/2025 season. As everyone knows, it is Real Madrid which is the favorite in this matter, and Florentino Pérez still dreams of enlisting them. An inveterate supporter of PSG, Nicolas Sarkozy was questioned about the Bondynois in the show Espejo Publico in Spain. He took the opportunity to puff out his chest a little in the face of Real Madrid’s repeated failures in this matter.

“I know Kylian, I like him, but I am not his spokesperson. I also like Real Madrid, I often go to watch the matches and I know Florentino Pérez well, whom I admire. But Mbappé remained in Paris. For what ? It does not matter. The fact is that he stayed! I’m happy he stayed and I think Real Madrid are the best team in the world.”, explained the former President of the Republic, in a slightly provocative tone towards Real Madrid. Will he be able to do the same in a few months? Not sure…

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