Lens-Seville is off to a strong start! Big decision that changes everything


By: Manu Tournoux

An important decision was made for the match between Racing Club de Lens and Sevilla FC.

It was a debate which was very lively before the match, and in which all the players seemed on the same wavelength, including the Lensois. The French government announced a ban on Sevilla FC supporters traveling to Lens this Tuesday evening for the match between their club and the French vice-champions.

“I regret the absence of the Spaniards, had launched Franck Haise at a press conference. Especially since the information was late. The draw took place at the end of August, there are people who come from Spain, who have organized not a trip but a trip, there are 300-400 of them. At the last moment, they are told, because there are certain problems, to stay at home. 10 months before the Olympic Games, what are we going to do if we are not able to accommodate 300 people? This is a real problem, beyond the form. I don’t think this is the right method.”

We must believe that the French technician’s message has been heard. This Tuesday, the Council of State reversed this decision to lift the travel ban on Sevilla FC fans. Supporters of the Spanish team will therefore be present in Bollaert. 300 spectators are expected in the visitors’ park for this high-stakes match. A meeting which should be a celebration for football despite its accounting importance.

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