John Obi Mikel destroys Chelsea players


By: Manu Tournoux

The defeat left its mark. Sunday, at Goodison Park, Chelsea plunged again against a valiant Everton team (2-0). A setback with a bitter taste. Reece James was injured again, Mauricio Pochettino banged his fist on the table demanding recruits, and now the Blues are in a shameful 12th place in the Premier League. It’s too much for John Obi Mikel, former pillar of the London club between 2006 and 2017, who did not hesitate to destroy certain players of the current squad on The Obi Wan podcast.

“There is no identity on how the team wants to play. (…) Are we just going to sit back and say that we are still in a rebuilding process? We don’t have time for that. We have to start winning games. When I look at the team, it comes down to a lack of leaders. Against Everton, I looked around the pitch, there wasn’t a single leader. There’s no one on the pitch to go up to your colleagues and say, “Wake up, what are you doing?”, come up to you and yell at you, that’s what we planes before. People like Didier Drogba, John Terry and Frank Lampard, when you had a crappy game, those guys would wake you up. (…) I look at the manager, I didn’t see him shouting at one of the players to say: “Do your fucking job, wake up, make sure you run around so we win the game” », deplores the Nigerian. Obi Mikel also ruled that Cucurella, Disasi and Badiashile were not “not up to par”while Gallagher for his part would not have “no chance” to feature in former Chelsea teams, despite being a “proper player”. A hell of a rant that deserves to be heard.

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