Getafe: the president’s strong comments on Mason Greenwood


By: Manu Tournoux

Having gone on loan to Spain after his extra-sporting problems in England, Mason Greenwood left his bags in the southern suburbs of Madrid last summer. And the Getafe bet has so far been rather successful, since the British striker has made a good comeback with our Iberian neighbors. If he was not always well received when the Azulones played on the road, he quickly gained appreciation from his family and his public. With 2 goals and 3 assists in 12 games, playing mainly on the wing, the Englishman is in good form.

In an event organized by the Madrid club, president Angel Torres spoke about his case. ” We are happy. People who didn’t believe he would come saw that he came, and since then, we have continued to work with Manchester United. They are happy with the treatment he received by the public in Getafe and in Spain. We must continue to defend it. He hadn’t played for 16 months and in January or February he will have the rhythm. He will bring us a lot. We are considering every possibility, even buying it. It’s still early, but we have a percentage, and we’ll have to pay the rest.”, he explained. Greenwood’s adventure in Getafe is therefore likely to continue…

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