FC Barcelona fails Jadon Sancho


By: Manu Tournoux

Which team will dare to take the Jadon Sancho bet? This is the question that all of England is asking itself. Author of only three small appearances in the Premier League this season, the English international (23 caps, 3 goals) is at rock bottom. Without playing time, away from the rest of the squad and at war with Erik ten Hag, the Manchester United winger must get back on track at all costs to avoid suffering a tragic fate.

Recently, several English media such as Daily Mail, speculated that the Red Devils had the ambition to exchange Jadon Sancho for Raphinha from FC Barcelona. A utopian exchange for the Catalan club, which not only is not at all interested in the former Borussia Dortmund nugget, but which also considers the Brazilian untouchable according to MD. Manchester United will have to look elsewhere.

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