Corruption, Pedophilia: Joey Barton swings and withdraws!


By: Manu Tournoux

Author of several misogynistic and sexist messages last week, Joey Barton announced that he was leaving the world of football due to the corruption there, also citing pedophilia scandals.

Joey Barton and football are over. After being noticed last week due to sexist and misogynistic tweets, the former midfielder indicated that he was withdrawing from the world of football against which he made serious accusations. The announcement was made through a response to a journalist demanding that the former Marseillais no longer have “never a position in football” following his offensive messages towards female consultants.

“The feeling is mutual”, he wrote, adding: “It’s a veritable cesspool of corruption in men’s football. Pedophiles in the English Federation. I don’t want to be a part of it as it is. I’m out. Left. Retired from men’s soccer. You only need to have played for the last 20 years to understand this. Look, I don’t expect you to do it. It’s not because of the big breasts, dyed blonde hair and makeup. No. »

“I’m just a really bad man trying to do a good thing,” he concluded a few days after having spoken to Piers Morgan about the presence of women in sports broadcasts. “Everywhere you go, there’s an unqualified opinion speaking out about the sport I love, and it’s ruining my experience. he had launched. This will increase sexism massively. We need meritocracy. We must have qualified people to fill these positions. »

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