Messi, an upheaval is brewing


By: Manu Tournoux

If Lionel Messi will continue his international career for a while longer, the appearance of the Argentine selection should seriously evolve in the weeks and months to come.

Almost a year after the 2022 world title in Qatar, Argentina is perhaps at a new turning point in its history. The current coach, Lionel Scaloni, would have the idea of ​​renewing his troops for the next deadlines. It remains to be seen who the players affected will be. One thing seems certain in any case: all this will be done in good agreement with Lionel Messi.

Boss of the selection, the current Inter Miami player had already made it clear that he would continue the adventure with theAlbiceleste. If he should therefore play in the next Copa America in June 2024, the eight-time winner of the Ballon d’Or will be called upon to redefine the contours of the selection. This change was in any case announced by Esteban Edul. The journalist ofESPNoften well informed when it comes to the Argentine selection, raised the subject.

The change is now

According to him, Lionel Scaloni would consider thatAlbiceleste has no choice but to renew itself, at least in part, if it wants to remain competitive, especially when defending its Copa America title. However, no names were revealed by the informant as to the “victims” of this sweep, but a priori certain figures could be concerned. It will also be necessary to monitor who the new arrivals will be. The latter will have a lot to do to take over from the world champion generation. Lionel Messi will ensure that these upcoming upheavals do not rock the selection.

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