Mbappé’s brother violently attacked


By: Manu Tournoux

You can be called Mbappé and not necessarily be popular in Île-de-France. The proof in pictures…

This Sunday, PSG youth were traveling to Mée-sur-Seine as part of the Gambardella Cup. A first federal round which turned into a demonstration since the Parisians won 0-10 on hostile terrain.

Author of a double on this occasion, Kylian Mbappé’s little brother, Ethan, was able to measure this hostility, he who was taken in by the whole game during the game by spectators committed to the cause of the locals. An animosity that was all the more significant as the supporters could be pressed against the side of the pitch.

The names of birds were thus flown during the match towards the brother of the captain of the Blues – provocations which had no effect on his performance. Quite the contrary. At the end of the meeting, Ethan Mbappé did not fail to savor his victory, via a message that could not be clearer posted on social networks: “ We respond on the ground “.

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