Amazing ! Brentford awaits Lionel Messi


By: Manu Tournoux

The English club Brentford is starting to dream of signing Lionel Messi within it.

Brentford manager Thomas Frank has joked about rumors of a possible takeover of the club by David Beckham.

“Beckham?” Let him bring Messi back with him”

It was reported in the English press that the co-owner of Inter Miami would be interested in obtaining shares in the club. Meanwhile, Bees owner Matthew Benham has confirmed he is open to selling a minority stake.

When asked about these behind-the-scenes noises, Frank joked: “If he comes and brings (Lionel) Messi with him, I will be very happy. So I’m going to call the owner and say, “Matthew, do it!” “.

Then speaking more seriously, Frank clarified that he knew “nothing” about what was being said behind the scenes and about a change in high places.

Messi has, as a reminder, never experienced the English Premier League. He was approached by Manchester City, but the transfer could not take place due to the veto expressed by Pep Guardiola.

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