A former OM prospect at OL?


By: Manu Tournoux

Authorized to recruit this winter, OL could set their sights on a player trained at OM.

With the DNCG’s reins somewhat relaxed, OL will be able to recruit this winter to strengthen its squad and carry out its maintenance mission. If the club’s payroll remains regulated, John Textor will be able to keep his promise and work to strengthen the offensive sector in particular.

Recently scoring against Germany with the Turkish selection, Yusuf Sari is one of the avenues explored by the Lyonnais, RMC reported this Sunday. The interest is said to be such that a proposal is being seriously considered. To the tune of 5 million euros for the young 25-year-old winger who this season provided five assists in the Turkish elite.

Trained at OM, Yusuf Sari has only played one professional match there and has been playing for four years in Turkey, his country of origin. Now in the ranks of Adana Demirspor, the person concerned is however considering a change of scenery like other well-known players in Ligue 1 – M’Baye Niang, Younes Belhanda or Andreaw Gravillon – and for good reason… This season , although fifth in the Turkish elite rankings, the Adana club is experiencing serious financial difficulties and is struggling to pay its players.

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