The sad observation of Ilkay Gündogan


By: Manu Tournoux

Ilkay Gündogan is not a player like the others. Leader, on the green turf and in the locker room, the German is nevertheless a very reserved man in everyday life. Very little – if at all – on social networks, the former cityzen concentrates on his sporting career before why not, trying, in his own way, to advance the sport he loves so much. In any case, this is what he confided to France Football. “There are a lot of good things in football. There are also less good ones, like in life. There is work to be done on how we behave towards each other. But I don’t have that much influence to be able to change things. I would like to continue in football after my career to have the most positive impact possible on this sport. He has always been a part of my life and it wouldn’t be so credible if I complained about him. I love him so much. But obviously he can improve.”he says.

Ilkay Gündogan continues on his life, sometimes perceived as mysterious: “Maybe because I’m not very active on social media. I don’t share my private life much. A lot of people would like me to do it more often, but I’m not interested and I don’t do it. It’s something I really don’t care about. Me, I just want people to see me as a good football player. So, I focus on my work, on myself, on my sport. But sharing my life on Instagram or something else, really, that’s not me. You know, everyone has problems in life, no one has a perfect existence. We all have our doubts, our worries. When I go on Instagram, I only see perfect lives. But that’s not my reality. So, yes I like to dress up, but there are also a lot of days where I wear whatever, where I just want to relax at home, on the couch with my son and my wife. I don’t want people to put so much emphasis on how I behave or how I am in my life, because that would only be maybe 1% of who it really is.” Refreshing and lucid words.

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