Ms. Frappart, accusations and a very surprising statistic


By: Manu Tournoux

While her performance during Montpellier-Lens (0-0) provoked the anger of Michel Der Zakarian, Stéphanie Frappart displays a surprising statistic. Under his leadership, the home team has never won this season.

“The refereeing… this evening, Danso must receive a red card, we have a player, Al-Tamari, who may have a fracture! It annoys me. (…) The referees and the VAR guys don’t see anything at all. » Michel Der Zakarian was very angry on Friday evening, after the draw between Montpellier and Lens (0-0), against Ms. Frappart. Did the international referee put the MHSC at a disadvantage in this match? Difficult to say, because the Lensons would also have liked to obtain a penalty for a high foot in the penalty area.

On Saturday, the Météo-Foot account published a surprising statistic. Under the leadership of Ms. Frappart, the home teams have never won this season. His “assessment”? Three away victories… and three 0-0 draws. And this is also the case in the Champions League, where the French referee nevertheless directed Bayern Munich. But the Bavarians stalled that day against Copenhagen (0-0), and Ms. Frappart’s performance made some teeth grind on the German side.

Conversely, Ruddy Buquet is a lucky charm for the teams hosting this season: seven matches… and six home victories. Would the native of Amiens tend to fall into home arbitration while, conversely, would Stéphanie Frappart make sure not to give any gifts to the team playing at home? Difficult to say… especially since the figures from last season show the opposite.

In 2022-2023, Ms. Frappart finished the year with nine victories for the home team and seven victories for the team playing away. And it’s quite the opposite for Mr. Buquet, who ended the season with six wins in nine matches for the away teams.

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