Nancy-Red Star, the monkey screams video is released


By: Manu Tournoux

National broadcaster, Canal+ published a sequence of the meeting between Nancy and Red Star where we can hear monkey cries from Lorraine supporters.

Three of my players were challenged by the stands with mimes and monkey cries. » Habib Beye was in cold anger after the meeting between Nancy and Red Star (1-1), counting for the 10th day of the National. The Ile-de-France coach denounced unacceptable behavior on the part of Lorraine supporters.

If Benoît Pedretti had reacted with a certain dose of caution, by asking for more elements (“ Because it’s all well and good to accuse, but you have to accuse with proof! “, said the Lorraine coach), Canal+, the National broadcaster, published a sequence captured after the final whistle where we hear monkey cries coming down from Marcel-Picot’s bays.

This document is only a confirmation of certain elements, because AS Nancy-Lorraine had mentioned the facts in question in its press release this Thursday morning. “The ASNL wishes to condemn with the greatest firmness the unacceptable and intolerable behavior of some people present in the stands of the Marcel Picot Stadium this Wednesday, as well as to provide its support and apologize to the Red Star players, indicates the Lorraine club. After viewing video surveillance images last night, the club identified an individual, whose identity remains unknown for the moment. A procedure was immediately opened with the help of the police authorities present on site. »

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