Habib Beye’s big rant after monkey cries at Nancy


By: Manu Tournoux

The end of the match between Nancy and Red Star was tense, with monkey cries coming from Marcel Picot’s stands according to Habib Beye.

National leader, Red Star had to settle for a draw (1-1) on Wednesday in Nancy. But the main thing was elsewhere for Habib Beye, the Audon coach. While the end of the match was tense to say the least, players from both teams clinging after Hacene Benali pulled Gwilhem Tayot’s hair then the visitors also had words with supporters of Marcel Picot, the former midfielder field denounced racist cries.

“We let things like that happen in the stadium. Three of my players were challenged by the stands with mimes and monkey cries. I have people who tell me today that in a stadium you should not make things worse. We trivialize all these situations. Today, the match does not interest me, it is erased from my memory. But if we let things like this happen we won’t move forward. The problem is that it’s always the same”he said at the microphone of Canal+.

“Some people manage to trivialize this kind of thing, but not me. I would always be against that. These are things that cannot happen. Three of my players told me: ‘Coach, they’re miming monkey noises.’ This is unacceptable and in addition the Nancy players greeted their audience, he continued. If we accept this behavior… This is not my case. I will always fight against these things, until I die. I hope this audience will be punished because this is unacceptable. »

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