Habib Beye, the clash!


By: Manu Tournoux

Habib Beye’s accusations at the end of the draw won by Red Star on the Nancy lawn (1-1) were clearly not to the taste of Benoît Pedretti, his counterpart on the Nancy bench.

The tension was at its height, Wednesday evening, after the draw between Red Star and Nancy (1-1) on the occasion of the 10e National day. First of all between players. Tempers indeed became heated, particularly after the Audonian pulled the Nancéen’s hair. The tone also rose between Red Star players and certain Lorraine supporters. The fault is the racist cries uttered by certain Marcel Picot spectators towards three Ile-de-France players.

Three of my players were challenged by the stands with mimes and monkey cries. I have people who tell me today that in a stadium we must not make things worse,” Habib Beye regretted at the end of the meeting at the Canal+ microphone, adding: “I would always be against that. These are things that cannot happen. This is unacceptable and in addition the Nancy players greeted their audience. If we accept this behavior… This is not my case. I will always fight against these things, until I die. I hope this audience will be punished because it is unacceptable.”

Pointed out, the Nancy residents took these accusations badly and Benoît Pedretti virulently attacked his Red Star counterpart. “Habib came to tell me that there were monkey cries in the stands. I can talk about it since it’s already been published in L’Équipe. He has so much notoriety that he decides what he wants, the former Sochalian was initially annoyed. At first, I didn’t see these monkey cries. That’s the first thing. In any case, we, the club, will do everything we can to review the images and check. Because it’s all well and good to accuse, but you have to accuse with proof! »

“And if the evidence is proven and there are people back home in Nancy who made monkey cries, we no longer want to see them in a stadium, he continued. When we have the images and can analyze them, we will have time to discuss calmly and take the necessary sanctions. It’s not because we’re Nancy and I’m ‘only’ Benoît Pedretti that we’re going to stand aside from the great Red Star and Mr. Habib Beye. »

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