Casoni suspended by US Orléans


By: Manu Tournoux

Accused of racist remarks, Bernard Casoni, the coach of US Orléans, was suspended by his club on Tuesday.

The revelations from France Bleu Orléans on Monday evening had the effect of a bomb. Bernard Casoni is said to have made numerous racist comments and remarks recently in the exercise of his functions.

You are no more stupid than North Africans ” Or ” No need for pinafores, for them, they are already black“, words recognized by the 62-year-old USO coach, who pleads for humor or nuance to defend himself.

“Heinous and unacceptable comments”

Initially supported by the president of the Loiret club, Philippe Boutron, the former French international defender was ultimately the subject of an internal investigation. The USO has also suspended it as a precautionary measure.

As of Monday evening, the National Ethics Council (CNE) also referred the matter to the FFF disciplinary committee. “ These comments are odious and unacceptable.says Patrick Anton, president of the CNE. We do not accept such slip-ups, whatever Bernard Casoni’s defense system. We don’t let anything pass concerning all deviances of this kind. There is more and more racism in society and there is no question of letting it happen. »

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