“They need a big penis”, new dark revelation to the Spanish Federation


By: Manu Tournoux

In the turmoil since Luis Rubiales’ forced kiss on Jenni Hermoso after Spain crowned the Women’s World Cup, the Spanish Federation is facing new charges.

The controversy does not die down. Almost three weeks after the unconsented kiss of the president of the football federation, Luis Rubiales, on the mouth of star player Jennifer Hermoso, Spanish football is still living through turbulent hours. The day after the dismissal of Jorge Vilda, the coach of the world champions, and the request for forgiveness from the Federation, the prosecution revealed that Jennifer Hermoso had filed a complaint, an essential condition for the authorities, who had opened an investigation at the end of August. preliminary against Rubiales for “sexual assault”can prosecute.

The horizon of Luis Rubiales has therefore darkened a little more. But according to the investigation delivered by the New York Times, the problems of sexism in Spanish football are not recent and are not limited to the only president of the Federation. Former captain of the selection, Veronica Boquette revealed that Jorge Vilda asked his players to leave the door of their room open to check that they were in bed at night. And the Spanish players, who had denounced the methods of their coach in the spring, had as much after his predecessor. Ignacio Quereda, who remained at the head of the women’s team for more than a quarter of a century, between 1988 and 2015, had spoken very harshly about them. “What you really need is a good man and a big penis”he had thrown at them.

Luis Rubiales is criticized for his lack of consideration for the fairer sex. Witness his justification after offering tablets to his players rather than giving them bonuses after a competition. “I have daughters. I know what women want”he explained.

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