OM ‍: 7 million and Longoria unearths a nugget in Chile


By: Manu Tournoux

Pablo Longoria is looking for the rare pearl to strengthen his attack, and he has set his sights on Dario Osorio, for whom he is ready to make a financial effort in order to grill several European clubs who are on the Chilean striker.

Stuck by Alexis Sanchez’s refusal to continue his adventure at Olympique de Marseille, Pablo Longoria is rolling up his sleeves to find the rare pearl. The president of OM still dreams of making the choice that no one saw coming, and which turns out to be a winner in the end. In Europe, the situation is stuck, with A plans that seem to crumble one after another. This is why the Provençal formation is trying a nice shot in South America. The Chilean media Pura Noticia confirms that OM are looking for an offensive player to compensate for the departure of Alexis Sanchez, and that another Chilean player is now in the sights. This is winger Dario Osorio (on the left in red in the photo), who stood out for his performances with the formation of Club Universidad de Chile, with whom he still has a year and a half of contract.

Sacred competition for OM, Longoria is not afraid

At 19, Dario Osorio has already managed to show a level of play that has aroused the interest of several European teams, including Wolverhampton, West Ham, Ajax, Leicester, Lazio and AC Milan. OM intends to try to outwit everyone by making an offer of 7 ME to the Chilean club. The latter would not be against a good sale, since his coach recently confided that the summer recruitment would depend on the future of Dario Osorio, a nugget that Club Universidad knows he will not be able to keep for long. The bet to make a Chilean forget by another Chilean is therefore in progress for Pablo Longoria, who is always looking for the rare loss and is ready to try his luck very far from Provence to find it.

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