Match lost, Bordeaux accepts the decision


By: Manu Tournoux

After several days of uncertainty about the case of the Bordeaux-Rodez match, the LFP disciplinary committee has announced that the Girondins have indeed lost their last league match and therefore remain in Ligue 2.

No miracle for Bordeaux which will be well in Ligue 2 next season. The Girondins wrote a bitter press release to accept this decision not to replay the match against Rodez while regretting the sanction. Bordeaux will even be penalized with one point for the 2023/2024 exercise in the antechamber of French football. The attack on Lucas Buades by a Bordeaux supporter will therefore have condemned the last hopes of a rise in Ligue 1. “The Club accepts this decision of the reference body of French sport, which it had seized without going through the usual appeal stages with the aim of obtaining a final decision as soon as possible, taking into account the constraints off-season calendar » wrote the Bordeaux club in its press release.

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