The French Dis-Connection at Arsenal

Rovers v Arsenal

Time now for a look at the Frenchmen making a name for themselves outside of Ligue 1. Oliver Scrimgeour looks at the problems at Arsenal and the other Frenchmen doing well around England. Usually, I would be inclined to start with the positives of the weekend. However, such is the significance of the French-tinted disintegration that is Arsenal Football Club […]

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Udinese v Stade Rennais – EL Preview

Udinese v Rennes

The meeting between Udinese and Rennes has the potential to go either way. With both sides using a counter-attacking style it will either cancel each other out or we could be in for a very exciting swash-buckling style match up. Both sides have qualified for the tournament in different ways but it seems both are taking it just a serious. […]

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Samir Nasri Beautiful in Light Blue

Nasri Aguero

Everyone please be upstanding for Oliver Scrimgeour. Oliver was chosen from a host of applicants to be our Premier League correspondent and he starts off a new feature of the website. We will hopefully be keeping you up to date with the successes of French players playing outside of the country of their birth. Today we start with the English Premier League and […]

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UEFA Fantasy Football – Prizes at stake!!!

Ok so the Champions League Group Stage starts tonight and with three French sides in the competition and plenty of other French players spread across the groups let FFW do this BIG STYLE. First of all you need to go here:   Pick your team and then join our league with this code: 94901-16462 And IF you are the […]

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