Le50 – 2013: The Best Young Players In France

FFW copyWelcome to the 2nd edition of Le50. This is a collection of the best young footballers currently playing in France – all the players featured were born on or after the 1st of January 1991. The French Football Weekly team have spent the last few months deliberating and voting on who to include from a list of around 200 players. Some players’ names have been on the list since day one, some have made late runs to come out of nowhere, and some were very unlucky not to make the list.

This year’s edition has expanded to nearly double the size of last year’s document. The final word count is around 28,000 words, with each player receiving their own double-page spread. We hope that this has allowed us the space to bring you a comprehensive look at all 50 players and hopefully educate and excite at the same time.

We have little doubt that the players featured are the most promising talent that French football currently has to offer.


We hope you enjoy this year’s edition.

19 thoughts on “Le50 – 2013: The Best Young Players In France

  1. Alan, you might have signed 6 players in 3 years but…

    2012: Giroud
    2011: Gervinho + Chu-Young
    2010: Koscielny + Chamakh
    2008: Nasri
    2007: Sagna
    2006: Song
    2005: Traor

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  3. How do we receive this once we buy it and are the players ranked in any order. I sort of think it’s taking the easy way out just putting the 50 best young players on the list. I’m sure there will be snubs, but I think generally speaking, it’s not too hard to pick a 50 best player list. It’s very likely that there won’t be a “big” omission.

    1. It’s a pdf download – and no, if we’d tried ranking all 50 in order, there would have been a fight! The idea is to introduce people to the brightest prospects in France – some guys you’ll already have heard of, but others you might not; and in fact there were some pretty tough calls to make. Hope you enjoy reading!

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