“Just Fantastic” – Just Fontaine


Just Fontaine is a name etched in the folklore of the World Cup.  His goalscoring exploits for France in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, where he scored 13 goals in the tournament, are legendary and the record he set there has yet to be surpassed by any player since. Born in Marrakech, Morrocco in 1933, Just Fontaine made his […]

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The Greatest French Club Side Of All Time

The time has come to reveal the team picked as “The Greatest French Club Side of all Time”….Before we reveal the #1 team a huge thanks goes out to Juliet Jacques for writing a fantastic series. 1. Stade de Reims, 1948-1962 Founded in 1931, Reims began in the Division Honneur Nord-Est when the French league was launched, becoming professional after […]

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The Greatest French Club Sides Of All Time – Part 5

Today is the penultimate article in Juliet Jacques fantastic countdown of the greatest French club sides of all time. Here are teams ranked #2 and #3. 3. Olympique de Marseille, 1989-1994 Unlike Spain, Italy, Germany or England, Le Championnat has not created clubs that have been dominant for long periods, or even consistently successful throughout its history. This lack of […]

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The Greatest French Club Sides Of All Time – Part 3

We continue our countdown of the Greatest French club sides of all time by the wonderful Juliet Jacques.  7. FC Girondins de Bordeaux, 1984-1987 Champions just once, in 1950, and Coupe de France winners in 1941, Girondins de Bordeaux were league runners-up three times in the Sixties but had never been a consistence force at home or in Europe – until […]

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The Ten Greatest French Club Sides of All Time – Part 1

Today sees the start of a new series on French Football Weekly. The Orwell prize nominated writer Juliet Jacques has selected the 10 Greatest French club sides of all time. To kick-off the countdown we start with an introduction and the team chosen in 10th place. French and European club competition owes much to former France player and manager Gabriel […]

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