Why don’t you come on over, Valère?


Given the absurd levels of staff turnover, the very concept of player loyalty in modern football has frayed to breaking point. Moments of genuine affection between player, club and fans can still be seen, but the irony is that this is probably clearest when that player leaves the club in question. Such a moment occurred in early July, when Valère […]

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SO Cholet v Stade Brestois 29 – Preview


In the previous round little Cholet from CFA2 took on the mighty Beauvais – aka the greatest team the world has never seen – and lived to tell the tale, getting the better of the penalty shoot-out after what by all accounts was a fairly lifeless, mostly chanceless and definitely  goalless draw. The referee attempted to restore order to the […]

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Coupe de France Preview: AS Beauvais v SO Cholet

Beauvais is a small town in northern France that is known for two things and should be known for a third. They are, in order, a preposterously oversized gothic cathedral; an airport that Ryanair thinks is near Paris; and a football team, Association Sportive Beauvais-Oise, who are by far the greatest team the world has never seen. The fact that […]

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Coupe de France Preview: Le Mans v Tours FC

Remember Le Mans? Ligue 1 regulars between 2005 and 2010, their youth system brought you the likes of Didier Drogba and Sebastien Corchia, and they turned rough diamonds like Gervinho and Grafite into the real deal. If that doesn’t jog your memory you might recall the headlines from the summer of 2013, when their finances went off the edge of […]

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Preview: Lyon v Stade de Reims – Bouncebackability

Week 16 Preview

– 3-0 defeat to your biggest rival? Check. – The end of an unbeaten run at said rival’s home ground that stretched back 20 years? Check. – Missed a penalty and generally played awfully? Check. – Momentum from a three-month-long unbeaten streak gone out the window? Well let’s see about that one… Lyon may have had a collective nightmare on […]

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Willy Sagnol Comments Revive Football and Race Debate


Willy Sagnol the player never hesitated to tell the world what he was thinking. Willy Sagnol the manager has been similarly content to speak his mind, particularly on the subject of referees. So when Bordeaux’s main newspaper, Sud-Ouest, organised a group interview between the Bordeaux manager and some fans among their readership, we were entitled to expect plenty of material to chew […]

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Monaco’s problems are opening up the door for a Champions League race


During pre-season, the chatter concerning the upper echelons of Ligue 1 quickly coalesced into a firm consensus: PSG would win the league at a canter, Monaco would be a comfortable second and Marseille or Lille would probably grab third. PSG are still certain to end the season on top, but the sale of Radamel Falcao and the shocking start to […]

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