FFW Podcast : Listeners’ Special Questions

Evra kicks someone

It’s an international week, so Kris takes the helm with Phil, Jez and Rich to answer listeners’ questions, ranging from the best players outside the top two, how the Coupe de France works, what Patrice Evra is up to, why Angers have a panda as a mascot, and how France should line up at the World Cup.

If you have more questions for next week, please send them over to us on Twitter @FrenchFtWeekly, or leave them in the comments below.

The podcast is available on Soundcloud:

Those interested in learning more about mascots in France can start with this round-up from a few seasons back, in which somehow we missed Scoty the Panda for Angers, as they were in Ligue 2 at the time. The name of Valenciennes’ mascot is Valencygne the swan, not Cyril, as Phil got a couple of languages and leagues mixed up. On other items mentioned during the show, former champion Garry Bocaly moved to Arles-Avignon after leaving Montpellier, before being forced to retire through injury.

The teams picked by Team FFW, excluding the top two, and in 75% of the entries, using only one player per team, are:

FFW Teams


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