France in Europe 2017

European Destinations 2017

It’s the Champions’ League final today – which sadly will not feature a French participant. Similarly in the Europa League, a French team reached the semi-final – but went no further.

However – how far did the French teams actually go, in European competition this season? Our attention was drawn to this cool infographic (see below) that rounded up the distances travelled by several clubs this season. Our interest was piqued – and with some help from the creators Best Response Media, we got the numbers together.

Saint-Etienne had the further to travel with 13,364 miles over six away games as they visited both Azerbaijan and Israel in their Europa League campaign. Monaco understandably clocked up the next-highest total, 11,434 miles, on their epic eight-game voyage from the third qualifying round to the Champions League semi-finals. The single longest trip however was for Lille with 4,666 miles, also to Azerbaijan to play Qabala, as they failed to qualify for the Europa group stage. Or score a goal while they were there.

Have a play with the data for the French teams here in the FFW interactive dashboard using BIME Analytics or click on the image.

European Distance

Looking at the Champions League more generally, you can read the full original article here, courtesy of Global Luggage.


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