Rudi Garcia Appointed as the New Coach of Olympique Marseille


The French football club Olympique Marseille has already confirmed reports that Rudi Garcia will fill the seat of the head coach. According to the confirmed reports, the French coach has agreed to hold the position for a period of three years in a deal reached on the same day his contract at AS Roma was terminated. The Italian giants did not fire him, but as soon as the French side confirmed his new role, the executive management at AS Roma released him by mutual consent. With online soccer betting fans in Ligue 1 enthusiastically waiting for his arrival, they change of guard in Marseille will definitely reflect odds in upcoming matches.

It was in January this year when Garcia completed his active role in Serie A after almost three years of leading the club, having occupied the head coach seat since 2013. However, AS Roma officially released the 52-year old Frenchman on Thursday as well as his respective coaching staff. Even though it has been more than nine months since he left Italy, it seems the former AS Roma coach weighed his options before making the crucial decision to return home.

Garcia now has the opportunity to come up with winning ways for his homeland team, as he takes the managerial role Marseille, which lies in position 12 in the current Ligue 1 standings. According to the new coach, he sees a bright future for the club, and Frank McCourt, the club owner, has already shown similar signs by describing the motivation that facilitated his decision to appoint Garcia to manage his team.

McCourt said that immediately he had an encounter with Rudi to discuss the way forward for Marseille, the Frenchman immediately expressed his ambitions to win the Champions League for the French side. With such a high bar of objectives, the club owner immediately identified the Frenchman as the suitable coach to take over his club. Frank praised Rudi as a man of respectable character who has the required energy to propel the club to new heights, especially because of the mutual vision to win the UCL and a similar willpower to apply a workable strategy.

The club owner went as far as pinpointing that Rudi has great leadership skills, which has been instrumental in many occasions. First, the Frenchman successfully helped Lille to win the Ligue 1 crown of 2010-11 as well as the Coupe de France in the same season. Furthermore, in the first two seasons in AS Roma, Rudi’s presence helped the club to improve its status in the league particularly on the international stage and he clinched the 2011, 2013 and 2014 French Coach of the Year title.

Frank McCourt went ahead to add that the new coach has the knack to improve the situation at Marseille because he has the experience to turn around any poorly performing team. With the three year deal already sealed for the Frenchman, all Olympique Marseille fans and players, along with inhabitants of the city have welcomed him for the job as they look forward for their team to claim victory in upcoming matches. However, his patience and strategy will be tested on Sunday when his side takes on the French champions, Paris Saint-Germain. Besides, the statement released by the club failed to mention any news on Frank Passi, the former interim boss.

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