Meet the team: Jonathan Johnson

Now welcome one of my partners-in-crime. Jon helped push the launch of FFW as the site you see now, my podcast co-host and secret creator of the John Utaka fan club.

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I am a French football enthusiast and Paris Saint-Germain fan. I am a freelance journalist who writes the column ‘Le Gossip’ for and have followed Ligue 1 for a long time. If Andrew is the Captain of this ship then I must be his right-hand man.

Since I first lived in France at the age of 16 (early 2000’s) I was looking for something to replace Aston Villa in my life, the team I had supported since I could remember. When I arrived in Paris I knew a bit about French football from the highlights I had seen on television and I recognised some of the bigger teams from the Champions League.

I immediately fell in love with PSG after purchasing myself a season ticket and never looked back. My knowledge and passion for the league developed quickly and coupled with the team’s participation in the Champions League the following season, they rapidly became as important to me as Villa had been.

When I left Paris three years later my passion for PSG didn’t end there. I was now following the club as passionately as I did Villa when I was younger, and gradually my passion for Ligue 1 began to outweigh my interest in Premier League football. I was spending more time talking to people about my team in France and trying to get them interested in French football but with limited success.

It is not easy being a fan of PSG and I spent many a stressful evening during University streaming tense games whilst the club were toiling at the bottom end of the table and at one point even close to relegation. Admittedly I am a little more mellowed out now than I was then but my interest in French football never wavered from afar and it was my ambition to be a foreign football journalist that led to my return to Paris summer 2011.

Given the club’s nouveau riche status it is easy for people to point the finger and say that it is artificial choosing to support PSG because of their new found wealth but I will tell them the same thing I tell people who find my love of French football hard to comprehend.

Les Rouges-et-Bleus have not always been successful and actually at times being a fan has been stressful and unrewarding. However, I immediately felt after my first match that I had been waiting to discover this team since I first got interested in football. I have been there through the bad times and I am now looking forward to the good times as PSG look to become the flagship of French football.

I decided to further my career by leaving Sky Sports last summer because my team is seeking to change the face of French football and I wanted to be a part of it, now they are doing just that. With my decision vindicated I look forward to sharing the future story of Ligue 1 with you through French Football Weekly.

Allez! – @jon_legossip


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