Chance to win a Zinedine Zidane t-shirt with 3NIL

We are always looking to bring you the best prizes and competitions here at French Football Weekly. And this is a big one. You may have already seen the amazing t-shirts over at – superb designs and a wonderful and fast growing company. We are delighted to be able to strike up a partnership and we have ONE beautiful t-shirt to giveaway.

Would you like to get your hands on one of these gorgeous Zinedine Zidane t-shirts?

I’m sure you’ll agree, the t-shirt is a work of art and a spectacular prize for a competition. We would like to go out with a bang this season. On the 20th of May the Ligue 1 season ends, to win the t-shirt all you need to do is predict how many goals will be scored in Week 38.

On average the amount of goals in Ligue 1 is around 25. The highest amount is 33 goals, and that has happened three time. The lowest amount is 17 goals, and that was back on week 5.

Good luck!

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