Eden Hazard – Wanted by Arsenal


Over the past 12 months I have wrote quite a few articles about Eden Hazard and as the links to Arsenal have reared their ugly head again I suppose it is only right to share those pieces again.

I don’t personally believe he will leave the Stade Lille Metropole this summer, with only eight days left in the window it doesn’t make sense for Lille to part with the Belgian forward regardless of the price offered. However as I’ve always said…..you never know.

When you look back at the Gervinho deal and how long that took the two parties to agree it would be amazing to see Lille do a quick deal with Arsenal and allow them time to bring in 2/3 replacements.

Anyway enough of that, take a look at a few posts about Hazard.

First up is a profile I wrote back in December – it was written for my gibfootballshow website and was well received.

Next up is a piece I wrote when the Arsenal interest first appeared back in April before the transfer window opened. It explained the situation with Eden in regards to his new contract in Lille and why I didn’t think he would move.

Finally a little follow up piece when the rumours grew stronger with regards to Hazard moving away from Lille, and some more reasons why I thought he wouldn’t move.

As I said it would be a massive surprise if Wenger and Arsenal managed to convince Lille to part with their prize asset, days before the window closed and meant Lille would be heavily weakened for their Champions League assault.

It is very important for the Champions to secure a place in next seasons Champions League with the opening of the new stadium planned for the 2012/13 season.

The transfer window clock is ticking down and it would be surprising if he wasn’t in a Lille shirt come September 10th when Les Dogues travel to Saint-Etienne


  • “When you look back at the Gervinho deal and how long that took the two parties to agree it would be amazing to see Lille do a quick deal with Arsenal”
    Ok, that’s one way to see it, but here’s another take: could it be that those negociations actually took long because they also talked (dare I say “negociated”) about Hazard? Say for instance that Arsenal and Lille already agreed that should Nasri be off to pastures new then automatically Arsenal would be in for Hazard for an already agreed price?
    Or could it be that it was Gervinho’s personal terms that were slowing things down and that maybe Hazard would be less difficult on that? Remember the fat lady only sings at midnight, we’ve seen deals happening at 23h50 before.
    In a nutshell if Lille and Arsenal REALLY want the deal to happen then it will happen, and I’d say the very same if we were an hour from the end of the window.
    Also I read that Wenger had an eye on the underrated Marvin Martin at a relatively low Ā£10.5M…..

    • I can see your point mate, as you said though “if both parties wanted it to happen” and we all know that Lille don’t want any deal to be done this window so there’s no reason for a quick deal to be done.

      When you look at all Arsenal’s business be it ingoing or outgoing, nothing is done fast. Everything is a long drawn out process.

      The main point of the piece was to link to my three previous bits of work that give a little more substance to the player and why I think he’ll stay.

  • Since you’re here Andrew šŸ™‚
    Do you reckon there’s any truth then in “Martin to Arsenal” rumours, would you be surprised if that one happened?

    On a different subject, of all the big names being bandied around (Gilardino, Forlan, Boriello), would do you think will sign for PSG? (Jon is welcomed to answer as well šŸ™‚ )

    • The Martin deal is a tough one as I think it falls in the same timescale issue as a deal for Hazard although it’s different as Martin has said he is willing to move to a bigger club. The issue might be with regards to Laurent Blanc wanting these type of players to stay in France.

      You would think he would be able to command a starting spot at Arsenal but there’s no guarantees that he’ll settle, but after Euro 2012 he has two years until the next tournament to settle, same with M’Vila.

      As good as a move it would be for Arsenal I think it’s too late for the deal to be done. Sochaux are already trying to replace Maiga before he moves.

      Now to PSG I actually don’t want them to sign anyone. It looks to me as if Kombouare is going to adapt his formation to a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1 to accomodate Pastore. If he brings in another striker it would mean either moving to 2 upfront again and trying to fit Pastore somehow in that, or it means Gameiro moving to the bench which would be a disaster. He’s settled and scoring goals which would be a awful decision to make if the new man didn’t suit.
      Think it’s time for PSG to stick with what they’ve got till January at least.

      • Or certainly not get a starting attacker anyway, the actual rumors for PSG are about defenders (like Mertsacker, since the Sakho injury) and backup strikers.

  • As a diss-illusioned gooner I can’t see this happening, I don’t see Lille giving him up without an extorionate fee, & I cant see Arsene paying an extorionate fee either! Well written piece though dude

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